RM (and earlier) deletes Couple Event

Is there a way to use Family Search but prohibit all updates/changes from RM?

When adding Marriage events (FamilySearch Person Tools/Share data Other Information section) from FS sometimes RM wants to delete the Marriage event instead of copying it to RM. When this happens even though I click the Cancel button RM deletes the event from FS. Yesterday this happened to me four times.

The cancel button not responding correctly has been reported to development. Cancel should mean cancel. In the FSPT if you do not have a spouse on the receiving side the only option available will be to remove the marriage fact. So be careful before adding a marriage that you have a spouse on the receiving end. Even with the cancel button working people don’t always read what they are selecting and turn out deleting the marriage.


Is there someway to configure RM to not upload/alter any data on FS? At this point I don’t want to make any changes to FS from RM.

Under Settings, General Settings uncheck “Enable FamilySearch” and that will remove the FamilySearch icons from the person tools. There isn’t away to remove the icons in the left main menu or under Publish. As long as you don’t login you can’t make any changes.