Sharing Data with FamilySearch (Not Ordinances)

I have been sharing data between my RM8 tree and FamilySearch. I was doing okay until yesterday when RM started doing something a bit odd. Let’s say that FS has a list of 8 children and I have 2 who correspond with 2 of the 8. No problem.

I then select one of the remaining 6 children to add to RM. As soon as RM adds the new child (or spouse or whatever it is), instead of returning to the person on whose I have been working on, RM returns to the top of the list of people. It means I must write down the name so I can return to the correct person. I checked to be sure RM is up to date, just in case. I haven’t even had a chance to add sources.

I would like to modify my remarks.

I just added a spouse. RM then showed a person whose name is not even close. Furthermore, the person whom I was working on has disappeared from my filtered list of people who were changed on FS.

Surely this cannot be right. I didn’t even add the marriage date.

That happens all the time with me also. As I remember, I reported this to RM a long time ago.

Check if the top level filter is filtered to a group. That could be effecting who you can see.

Hi Renee.

Down you will find two screen dumps.

The first is at the FS Central and I want to move the names and info of the children over to RM8.

When taking the first child Andres the next picture that turns up is the second screen dump that shows the first name in my people list. To find Anders I have to go to People list and look for the latest registered person. This happen every time.

I can’t seem to recreate this. Are you on version

Yes I am. Have been like this as long as I have had RM8. It is also the same if the case is to ad a husband or wife. As I remember it, I have reported this earlier. Should i report it again?

OK, I see the difference. You have the “Person Changed on FamilySearch” filter on. So when its updating after adding a person it will refresh the filter and remove the person you were on from the list. You won’t see this happen if the filter is turned off, or if you are only updating the original person. It did the same thing in RM7. That has been reported to development. If you need to add family members switch to “No extra filtering” first.

Renne, thank you for the info. I see now that I reported this case in April this year under ticket 113799 and look like it is now closed.

When changing to “no extra filtering”, the people list at the left changes to be the normal list and not the wanted, the one only contenting where FS has more info list.

Ticket status doesn’t reflect the status of the item reported to development. Tickets will automatically close within a certain time frame.