Attaching Sources from FamilySearch

I am working a quite a few Hispanic families with 12-20 children, church and civil records for all, including three generations for each births. This means that it is not uncommon to have 25-40 different sources, many of which look quite a bit alike.

It is bad enough that after I have attached, for instance, source # 20, that the scroll bar returns to the top so you have to scroll back down and try to find where you were. It would be nice if those check boxes would actually let you entered checks so you would know where you were.

FamilySearch’s concept of sources is very different than RootsMagic’s. It doesn’t have any way to match them so both sides are listed alphabetically. When you add a new source from either side the page has to refresh.

I really am not asking that each item align itself perfectly with its counterpart on the other side. Still, it would be nice if a source could retain a checkmark or dim itself after it has been selected. I’m not even asking for alphabetical but numerical but if you can’t do that, some indication, ANY indication of items previously selected would be good.

I am attaching one person who who 30 sources, some of which look quite a bit the same. The two things have figured out to do (10 check for a key word to help find the next item in order before selecting a source, (2) quickly place your mouse where the item just selected was before the slider pops to the top.

I’m not a programmer but this is the section for requested features, I have been doing genealogy for 24 years, during which I have been using the competition AND I actually thought you wanted input.