RM9 Access violation 103D3009A, accessing address

I’ve migrated from RM7 using VMWare Fusion on my Macbook to RM9 on my macbook. Everything was stable and working well before.
I keep getting access violations when adding a child - 0000000103D3009A, accessing address.
This should be quite intuitive but I keep getting the violation and it’s frustrating. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Is there somewhere to read more about the access violation codes?
Thanks, in advance

Not a Apple user, but you’re surely going to be asked what OS version at a minimum.

You said that you used VMWare Fusion … So are you running the Windows version of RM9 on your Mac?
What version of MacOS and what version of Windows?

Why would you use vmfusion to move from rm7 to rm9 on a mac? Are Macbook and macbook 2 different macs? Are they both using the current mac OS?
Access violations are a windows memory error Bruce ported to the mac and normally unheard of on macs.
To move from RM7 to 9 simply copy your database files to the other mac and open with RM9 which converts the 7 file to the 9 format.

There have been many reports Access Violation popups on both windows and mac since the release of rm8. From what I understand this is a generic error statement when the application tries to do something that it’s not allowed to do. Most likely, you’re not doing anything wrong and many of the causing issues have been fixed with updates. So the main action is to make sure that you are running the current version of RM9.

Other than that, the guidance in forums on what to do if an access violation error occurs has been as follows:

  1. Immediately exit and restart RM.
  2. Run the 4 database tools (File, Tools, Database Tools)
  3. Perform the same steps to see if the issue is repeatable. (ie can you make the access violation happen again?)
  4. If so, open a support ticket with details of the steps that cause the issue. Support will probably ask for a copy of your database to help them determine the root cause of the error.

[edit] I am assuming that you are now running rm9 natively and that, like many of us, the VM was for rm7.

Hi KevinM,
Yes, you are correct. Running native on Mac now.
I’ve run the tools and it appears to be okay on replicating ‘add a child’.
Will monitor and open support ticket if the problem occurs again.
Thank you for responding to my question.

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Yes, I’m now running RM9 on my MacBook.
I was running RM7 using VMWare on my MacBook previously.

I only used Vmare for RM7 on my Macbook.
Now I’m using RM9 on my Macbook.