RM8 not seeing the database file

My desktop PC contains the primary Rootsmagic 8 database file and I would like for the laptop to have the secondary file … for when I am at cemeteries, remote location and places that do not have an internet connection.

I’ve updated both computers to the latest and most recent RM versions. Then, I copied the data file PC to the laptop to the exact folders and attempted to open it on the laptop using RM, but does not see anything in the file folder. I do not use Dropbox.

When I go through Windows Explorer on the laptop, I can see the file, but it does not have a file extension, however, under the file “type” it does say, RM8 file.

I registered the RM8 that is on the laptop and if I have read the information correctly, the laptop RM would be considered within the household. If I need to purchase a second copy, not a problem, and will be glad to do it.

Lastly, I ran a windows compatibility test as recommended on one of the threads – no success.

Open to thoughts and suggestions.

Exactly how did you do the copy? For example, do you have a home network that allows you to share files and folders between the computers. Did you copy from one computer to a USB drive and then from the USB drive to the second computer? Etc.

The first time was through a home network. Then, when that did not work, I deleted the file on the laptop and copied/pasted it using a USB.

Interesting, so let’s go back to looking at the file extension. Are you saying that on the first computer it says something like mydata.rmtree and that on the second computer it only says mydata?

If so, that could simply mean that you have turned on the option to show file extensions on the first computer and you have not done so on second computer. Microsoft defaults the option to off, so you have to turn it on to see file extensions. The options is under the View tab in the main menu in most any Windows File Explorer screen. There is a checkbox to turn it on at the far right hand of the screen.

I suspect you are going to find that the option to display the file extension is off on the second computer and that you can turn it on. But that doesn’t explain why your RM8 on the second computer is not finding your database. But one step at a time. Find out why the file extension is not showing up on the second computer and try to turn it on. After that, we can get RM8 on the second computer to see your database.

Yes. You were correct. Thanks. The laptop did not have the option turned on for viewing the extension. I have set for viewing the extension. Both computers have the file ending in .rm8 and both are the same in size.

The RM8 file extension changed to .rmtree some time ago. If I remember correctly you can just rename the files

Thanks Terry! That was the “magic” touch. I changed the extension to .rmtree. It opened perfectly. I really appreciate the help from you all.

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