RM8 Needs to Handle Better: Birth Parents of Children and Adopted Parents of Same Children, Multiple Marriages and Divorces, Death of Divorced Multiple Spouses

I have spent many hours trying to keep my data organized so that the birth parent of a child is recognized as well as the adoption parent of the same child. Also, multiple marriages and the divorces mess up the time line of the persons concerned. For example, when a couple are divorced why does the death of the divorced spouse (significant other) show up on the timeline used to edit that person. I have tried to place notes: Marriage to Spouse 1…2 etc., Divorce of Spouse 1…2 etc, Death of Spouse 1…2 etc. but the RM8 program seems to reject that procedure. Any ideas on how to handle these multiple situations without messing the data up?

Turn off the display option in the Edit Person screen that includes the major events of family members. However, Divorce is a couple event and will always show in both spouses timelines. The Sdit Person screen always shows the name of the Spouse in Couple events.