RM8 Missing Navigation Feature in Manual Merge Dialog

Here is a link to a video about a missing navigation feature in RM8’s manual merge dialog. I think the same dialog comes up in contexts other than manual merge with the same missing navigation feature any time the dialog comes up.

Missing Navigation Feature in RM8’s Manual Merge Dialog 5:37

It’s merely an info panel for Explorer and even shows Rec ID’s to aid in merge candidate selection in Explorer. And, there is navigation where needed (ie. Parents tab has a Children section that navigates to a list of them). I get it that you’re pointing out v7 vs v8 differences but why would you go down a rabbit hole to try and do something the long way when one merely has to right-click John Braden and then you already have one half the pair to be merged followed by selecting the other in Explorer via Name or Rec ID. There are at least three ways to activate a Manual Merge. I’m thinking things like this is exactly why there aren’t full function key combos assigned yet. There’s still features and refinements to add and avoiding lockdown of those valuable key assignments too early avoids hindsight regrets to some degree.

I’ve never used RM7 in the way you demonstrated. That was very convoluted in my opinion. It looks like you where just trying to make things difficult. Even the right click in RM8 would have made it faster to merge. Why didn’t you just type the names of the people you were looking for? In RM8 you can even enter the RINs to find the exact person you wanted. If you need to reference a family member when making selections, open the side reference panel and go to the parent/spouse tab. While looking at them, enter the RIN in the search box on the left and go to them.


I’m aware of all the workarounds that have been mentioned, but I don’t think the side panel is a workaround after you get into the selection process. By the time you are making selections such as when merging, you are in a modal window and you can’t get back to the side panel.

The RM Explorer is open when making the selection. Everything you need to make the selection is right there. Doesn’t matter if its modal or not. There is a search box to enter a name or a RIN. Family members are referenced if you need to look that info up.

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