Merge Duplicate People

Reading RM 9 book. Can not find MURGE function in 9.0 software. Whare is this function?

It is available on the People page in the following views: Pedigree, Family, Ancestry and People List. Select the person you wish to merge and right click. The option to Manual merge will be in the pull down menu.

Be careful with the Family view. The option exists there but I am not sure what is actually being merged here. (note to self: look that one up!)

Click the palette icon in the upper right corner, type in ‘merge’ and Bob’s your uncle!

Where can I find the Auto Merge feature in 9.0?

Upper Right corner under the TOOL ICON-- note I did NOT see it under TOOLS on the left side…

BUT I would be very careful of an AUTO MERGE-- I would use manual or merge duplicates before AUTO merge-- Be sure to backup your database 1st before doing anything…


Where do I find the Duplicate Search function?

If you mean Merge duplicate-- look at the picture I posted–on the right side ( under search everywhere there are 4 icons-- a
plus symbol trash can wrench and screwdriver and 3 dots
click on the wrench and screw driver and a drop down menu appears-- MERGE DUPLICATES is abt the 8th one listed-- and click on that and you will see this screen

enter as much or as little info ( I didn’t add a start with surname) and hit OK and it will produce a list to start comparing BUT just compare everything as you might have 2 cousins with very identical info-- MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR FILE BEFORE DOING ANYTHING-- and if you are doing a lot of merges, you MIGHT want to do periodic backups just in case…