Merge Duplicate People Tool

It would be great if the Merge Duplicate People tool was actually listed in the Tools section and not hidden under the wrench/screwdriver on an individual’s page. In fact, the Online RM9 page says this is how it is supposed to be:
2. Duplicate search merge
Open the Duplicate Search dialog by selecting the People page, then click the Tools button, then select “Merge Duplicate”.


If you are in the People view, Merge Duplicates and Manual Merge are accessed by clicking on the Tools icon in the upper right section (next to the the Edit (pencil) icon).
Perhaps it should also be accessible in the Tools view under the subheading Person Tools.

Family View & People List - just right mouse on a name and it’s there

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The wrench/screwdriver ~IS~ in the Tools section on the People page. Hovering the mouse over that wrench/screwdriver shows this:

Screenshot 2024-04-26 093532

The People page and Tools page are selected via the far-left menu. If You mean put it on the Tools page… that switches the user out of the People page. All the merge stuff can be reached right from within that People page:


Thanks everyone for your responses. I guess I wasn’t clear. I know that from a person’s page I can click on the wrench/screwdriver, but to find all possible duplicate people in the database, it would be handy to have the merge duplicate people tool in the main Tools function. Again, thanks

But @Grams – you can find all possible duplicate people in the database when you are in anybody’s edit screen-- under the wrench you have MERGE DUPLICATES-- click on that and it takes you to this screen

Check all that you want to–hit okay and if you have any that MIGHT be duplicates, the list will appear with an edit screen below the list…

Just make sure that they are INDEED duplicate people as the one in the screen shot is NOT…

Yes, they are all there; but in my organizational schema, it makes sense to put this tool in the main Tool section on home page for the database.

Thanks again for all the comments.

Confirming enhancement request for Tools page has been reported to development.

Thanks so much, Renee for all that you do and for reporting my request to development. I think it would be most helpful to have the Duplicate Merge tool with the main Tool page. And thanks to all at RootsMagic for their awesome work!