RM8 Freezing and not reconizing recent file

Starting roots Magic 8
Says file not found but is on recent list
Open file ran all File tools
Go to Publish program freezes nothing works. Have to manually close RM8
All worked fine last night.
Have no problem with logging into Ancestry w Firefox.

I did Ctrl+Shift+U and select “Reset Program Settings” Close and reopen RM8.
Can not find Settings>WebHints and click on “Reset TreeShare”

Still freezing

  1. submit a ticket with pertinent info like OS (windows?).
  2. Look for file not found. perhaps moved, renamed or deleted.
  3. Publish was a missing feature initially.
  4. Settings…web hints…bottom left 2 choices.

See renee’s post re: ancestry problems - https://community.rootsmagic.com/t/ancestry-login-issue/5564

Thank You. If it was a snake it would have bit me.

Hope that is the problem. Cause nothing else is working to fix it.