RM8 and macro recorders

Just wondering if anyone is using a macro recorder with RM8 and how that is going for them? Considering this as an option for cleanup tasks.

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Have you tried a macro recorder on RM7 and did it work there? I would guess it wouldn’t really save any steps.

I use it RM7 when I’m adding facts to save me having to type the same date, place etc for multiple people (mostly census facts). I came to RM from TMG that had a really neat copy feature to save on all the typing (I still miss it :frowning:). I havn’t tried it with RM8 yet, and was just wondering if somebody had tried it and whether there were any issues, particularly since RM8 relies so heavily on mouse rather keyboard for navigation.

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Can you share the name of the macro recorder that you’re using @klmeagher (or the steps you take within RM7 to access a recorder there, as I’m not aware of one being available. But I did only just find that the calendar / date calculator functionality is available on each date field!!! Have always left the edit person screen, or used the web, to access this function. Observation must not be a strong point!). :slight_smile:

@JillV I am using Pulvers Macro Creator (there is no inbuilt macro recorder in RM).

My RM7 process for immigration/census facts is:

  1. Edit and save PMC macro - updating date, place, place details and description text as required.
  2. Create fact for a person in RM7 (always thought I could add this to the macro but never got around to figuring it out!)
  3. Run macro (from assigned Hotkey) to populate fields and save fact
  4. Add source citation (just a paste citation after the first one)

I’ve only just started to work on RM8 equivalent. There are plenty of free macro recorders around, some simpler than others to use. PMC is fine for my data entry macros, and I’m sure if I put in a bit more time with it I could do more (autocreate tasks maybe?)


Fantastic @klmeagher - I didn’t even think to use recorders with RM and I’m so glad you’ve shared your thoughts and processes on the topic so we can all explore their usage! I’ll start looking around and experimenting! Thanks once again :smiley: