RM7 - Accessing Ancestry with new 2FA

Can anyone help with logging in to Ancestry from RM7 since they have now implemented two-factor authentication?

Append the code Ancestry sends you the end of your password, with no spaces.


Thanks so much - that’s just what I needed!

How are you generating the 2FA from Rootsmagic? When I’m in RM9 I am trying to do a sync to Ancestry and while I can enter the password, the 2FA isn’t triggered. So do I simply go to Ancestry.com to request it, log in there? Will the same login 2FA work in RM9?

Hi, Marina – the 2FA is clumsy at best. They advised me in this forum, from inside RM to open Ancestry.com and when the request for credentials appears, enter username and then your regular password with the 6-digit 2FA code that Ancestry should send you – run together with no space or symbol. It may be that RM9 doesn’t need this, but RM7 does.

If you need more you can go directly back to the forum and ask much wiser people than I.

Thanks. I guess my issue is that it doesn’t send a code - it simply says it can’t log in.

Actually @mgarrison you don’t need the code at the point in time to access Ancestry thru treeshare in RM 7 or RM9 UNLESS you have enabled 2 step verification on Ancestry- as I signed into both versions without it…

My understanding is that you have to use your browser to get the 6 digit code-- then add that code to the end of your password --no spaces to sign into Ancestry on tree share BUT just in case I misunderstood, here is info on how to get the code etc


I could see that happening if you have enabled 2 step verification on Ancestry and don’t add the code BUT if you haven’t then something else is going on…

If you haven’t enabled 2 step verification, post here again and maybe someone can help