RM10 - Share DNA Matchs

When I create a shared match and RM creates a record for the other person, the Provider is “Unknown”. Shouldn’t the provider be the same as I created?

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just a thought–did you hit the save button ( if there is one)-- I didn’t have this exact problem with the new health info BUT I did have to hit save or it is not right

I can’t recreate this issue. When I save it with the Provider both individuals show the same provider. If this wasn’t just by accidently I’d need your steps on how you made this happen.

I’m experiencing the same issue as the opening post (when I create a shared DNA match the provider shows as “Unknown”, and not the initial provider (Ancestry) that had already been selected and created).

I’ve been using the save button after I’ve selected all the shared matches, but still get the “Unknown” provider.

Given the issue, I also experimented with just selecting the individuals that have a shared match, and then closing out of the screen by using the “close” button, but as expected, this did not create any shared matches.

I thought I’d mention this issue as I’ve also noticed that a few people are receiving SQLite Error 6 messages in the DNA tab and thought the issues might be related (though I’m not tech savvy at all and only say this as the issues are both in the same part of the program).

I’m using Windows - 64 bit program - i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz - 16.0GB on a laptop with just the one monitor.

I’ve just rewatched Bruce’s video on “Mastering DNA Matches in Roots Magic 10” and can see that in Bruce’s example he does not necessarily have the same provider for his shared matches. At the 12 minute mark in the video, it can be seen that the last match on the screen (Tambasco) shows they tested through My Heritage whilst the match used Ancestry. This leads me to believe that the “error” we’re reporting might be by design.

Or Bruce had the error too, and chose to not mention it.

Shared DNA Matches screen will list all the possible DNA Matches between L. Z. Harris and Philip James Harris. The test provider is between L. Z. and the individuals listed. You may have test matches between different providers. When you select the check boxes it will create DNA Matches between Philip and the other person. It will use the test provider Philip had with L.Z. If Philip had more than one test done it will be test you selected before opening the Shared DNA Matches screen.

I had the same symptom tonight with shared matches.

I also noticed that when I’m on my DNA Edit screen, I am the default Person 1 match. When I added shared matches, my match became Person 2 instead of Person 1?

I think I have a similar issue. I expected the provider and labels to carry over when creating a match from the “Shared DNA Matches” page.

  1. Added Johnnie and Megan as matches to my mom.
    a. Provider for all three is Ancestry.
    b. All have labels entered.
  2. Went to Johnnie’s DNA match page. My mom is the only match listed.
  3. Click on the “View Shared Matches with select person” icon in the upper right.
  4. Select Megan.
  5. Check the box next to her name.
  6. Click the Save icon that appears in the upper right.
  7. Close the Shared DNA Matches page.
  8. Megan is now on Johnnie’s list, but, on their match record, the provider and labels are blank.

Again, I expected the provider and labels to carry over. Is this a bug or are the provider and labels blanked out by design? In Bruce’s video, he doesn’t actual create a shared match, so it’s not clear, but, from Renee’s reply, it seems this may be bug.

We’d have to look at your file and how you set it up. Open a support ticket with a backup and the names of who to look at. Don’t check the option to include media in the backup - https://support.rootsmagic.com/hc/en-us/requests/new