Issues with adding DNA for people you don't know how you match (RM10)

When you add DNA match for someone you don’t know how you match, filling in the Label 2 field for the DNA match name all unknowns get shown with the same label in the list. Also when you link unknowns in shared matches no label carries over to the link.

The label also does not appear in the leeds report.

Can you give us a screen shot of what you are seeing? The other option is to open a support ticket with the image.

I’ve opened a support ticket with some screenshots. It’s basically just that DNA matches with links in the tree work absolutely fine, those that you don’t know how fit don’t. This basically makes it a way of keeping track but doesn’t help you discover where people fit using the leeds report as that doesn’t show them properly either.

I am having the same issue.

This issue is caused by not entering a Person 2, and only entering a label. Development will put in some error checking so you cannot save a DNA Match without a person 2. When that update is released you will still need to go back and correct the entries where you don’t have a Person 2 entered.

That’s the not the issue being reported. The issue is that the label 2 carries forward to every unknown match. So if you enter say the ancestry user id for your first unknown, all other unknowns get the same ancestry user id unless you manually delete it each time.

Correct, its because at some point you didn’t add a Person 2 to someone and only gave them Label 2. It will continue to reuse that Label 2 until you go back and fix it by adding a Person 2 on that DNA Match. If a new label 2 shows up after that then you need to fix that Person 2 also. It just depends on how many DNA Matches you have done incorrectly and fix them.

I don’t have any match without a person 2. Nothing is incorrect but the label continues to be shown. I think it defaults to “unknown, unknown” with saved label.

If the person is not in your tree because you don’t know the relationship, you cannot add the the Person. According to the video you should be able to add a label without adding a person, but this is not the case, you the label shows up with the same name as the first unknown relationship entry, even though it shows correctly in the details pane. This is certainly a bug which needs to be fixed.

The video never said you can add a label without adding a person. It says you can add an unlinked person. You do that by selecting Add New Person when selecting Person 2.

We just released update 10.0.1 which now will prevent adding a DNA Match without two people selected. You will have to go back and fix all those that were added incorrectly by just using label 2.

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