RM10 - Problem List Error

New to Roots Magic, New to the forums. I hope I get this right.

I just imported my tree from Family Tree Maker 2006. It has tagged someone as a problem. It says she was 77 years old when married. But when you go to her edit screen, it says she was 18 years old when married.

How can I fix this issue rather than tagging it as not a problem?

What is the sort date for the marriage facts?

From the image, the likely culprit would be her marriage to Earl A. Sumner (that is not shown in the screenshot). First do a backup. Make note of Earl’s marriage date to Lydia and that there is not two marriage facts with these same spouses. Then remove the date completely and Save with the checkmark, followed by re-entering the date of their marriage and saving.

So New to RM, Sorry, but what is the “sort date”?

You are so correct. I did not catch that she was married twice. And that she was married the second time at age 77. So then, what it is calling an incorrect date for the marriage, is in fact, correct. So it seems the correct thing to do to resolve this would be to mark it as not a problem. Am I correct?

Sort date is used to control the order that the facts sort in your edit window. It overrides the date that you entered for the event. In my case, I use it a lot when sorting census records. I do not want he records to appear between birth and death dates, so I give the census facts dates that will sort them to the very bottom of the fact list which keeps the vital stats all at the top. See attached image and notice that my Land Transaction and Census facts grouped to the bottom, not matter what appears in the date column.

Yes ----RM has some built in ages shall we say for certain problems–such as are you sure she was married at 85? This is what is listed if you ran the Problem search in Tools ( which if you ever do, suggest you do each 1 at a time and NOT all at once)

Don’t know if you changed the ages here if it would make a difference.

Sort date–as long as you are using a date that is accepted by RM ( you can use any type of date BUT some like Hebrew or 1895 Jan 5 is NOT a standard date for RM) the sort date will be the same as you entered --so in the fact, you see date place and sort date


Yes, if she remarried at age 77

Keep in mind that custom (non-standard facts) from other software might give you “unexpected” results. Marr facts are usually Family facts while, some software may do them as individual facts.