Facts not sorting correctly

I just created a new database in RM9. It only has two people in it.

I’ve added two facts to the second person and they are not sorting properly. The dates are formatted correctly, and their sort dates read correctly. RM recognized this as an error, but is not fixing it and I see no way to fix it.

FYI, while I am fairly new to 9 I have used 7 for a couple of years. I have two other databases in both versions and have never had a similar problem.

Mike O.

can you post a screenshot please

You won’t believe this, well…maybe you will. Instead of dating the second event 1948 I dated it 1848. That was the entire problem.

My apologies…Mike O.



Hopefully you saw my response to the Community. I misdated the second event 1848 instead of 1948.

My apologies, but thanks for the response…Mike O.

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no apologies needed-- it happens all the time-- it just sometimes throws us when we can’t see such a small year error like that