Issue with calculating age

I enter every thing I find on a person, source it, and evaluate it. I have a number of people with sources that give different birth years. When I conclude the correct birth, I mark the incorrect ones as ‘disproven’ and ‘private’ so they don’t appear in reports, and mark the correct one as "primary’. My issue is that I keep getting problem notices that, for instance, the person was age 12 when married. I really don’t want to delete the incorrect facts that show the disproven data. On the person window, it shows the incorrect age, calculated from the earliest birth fact and NOT from the marked primary birth fact. Is there a workaround for this or is it a bug? RM8 with current update, using Windows 10 PC. Thanks.

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One workaround is not perfect, but it’s simply to mark the problem as not a problem. Another workaround is only to have one birth fact which has the correct birth dates, and to store the incorrect birth dates in the note for the birth fact. The best solution would probably be for RM itself to ignore disproven and private facts when it’s making its problem notices.

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That is what I was hoping to avoid. I think this is a flaw in the program and really should be addressed. Thanks for the comment though -even though I was hoping there was a fix, I do appreciate the help.

I use a variety of custom fact types, as in the image attached.
Birth (Alternate)
Death (Alternate)
Immigration (Alternate)
Marriage (Alternate)
and others …
This way, I have only one “Birth” fact per record, and can clearly show which sources gave other info. Plus, the Birth(Alt) facts do not affect age calcs.


That looks like a good approach. Thanks