RM10 Edit Person screen

I see in RM10 the Edit Person screen side menu now includes links to the new Health and DNA screens. Perhaps I’m missing the significance of this new functionality, but these seem to be somewhat specialised areas of research. At least, that’s how they strike me compared to what I think of as the ‘basics’ of family history - people, places, sources, and media.

The side menu is now a bit of a muddle – it has a useful shortcut to the Media gallery (also accessible from the Main Window); then these two new items (for which it is the only point of access); but it has no link to either Places or Sources.

Can I please suggest, firstly, that the user be given the option in Settings to turn on or off Health and DNA, similar to the way in which access to LDS is optional? Secondly, can we have shortcuts to Places and Sources added to the Edit Person side menu?

Whilst on the subject of the Edit Person screen – and this is something I’ve asked about before – can we please have WebHints indicators added to the top of this screen? It would be helpful to be able to access these from here. At present you have to go back to the Main Window to click on the indicator bulbs.

Never is a long time, but I doubt that I will ever use RM10’s new DNA or Health features. Nevertheless, I’m not bothered in the least by the addition of the DNA and Health icons to Edit Person’s side menu. On the other hand, there are a huge number of new features in RM10 that I’m already using heavily and more new features that I will probably start using soon. I think that RM10 is the most important release of RM since RM4. In any case, I’m definitely not criticizing the new DNA and Health features nor the placement of their icons. They are clearly visible without being intrusive. I think that’s a good thing.

I don’t think Edit Person’s shortcut to the Media gallery is the same thing as what is accessible from the main menu. Edit Person’s Media gallery is just a list of the media for the current person. The media list from the main menu is a list of all the media files that are linked into the RM database. The two media lists are very different and have very different purposes.

The personal media gallery was an important feature in RM7. It was not in the initial release of RM8 and has since been added back in. I think Edit Person’s side menu is a perfectly reasonable place from which to access the personal media gallery. It was accessed a little differently in RM7. This is a case where RM10’s way of accessing it seems to me to be just as good if not better than was RM7’s way of accessing it.

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