RM & Ancestry Publish and ThruLines

I have 3 RM trees and 3 A trees. My methodology is to use A for research, then carefully build a well documented tree in RM - at the end of each work period, I use RM’s “Publish” to update/synchronize the RM tree with A leaving me with identical trees in RM & A. This methodology has worked well for a 2000 individual “Paternal” tree.

My focus now is my “Maternal” tree. The “Paternal” and “Maternal” trees share about 10 people.

It’s here that I’ve run into nightmares and some possible RM/A programming errors.

  1. Has anyone found an easy way to “link” specific RM trees with A trees (Pairs)? (and easily change between 2 pairs). The process that’s been described is risky and convoluted.

  2. Using “ThruLines” in A appears to be very useful, however ThruLines" keeps getting attached to the wrong tree - EVEN THOUGH the heading says its “looking” at the tree I want (Maternal). To further explain - The heading says “Maternal”, but the ThruLines" people icons are clearly referencing my “Paternal” tree. (Icons are red-female, blue-male, or green-new) – I think this is a “Bug” in A!


You can never link a specific existing RM tree with a specific existing Ancestry Tree. To get things started, you must create a new Ancestry tree from RM or else create a new RM tree from Ancestry. But it sounds like you already well understand that process because at the end of each work period you create a new Ancestry tree from RM.

I think all you need to do if you want separate maternal and paternal trees is to have a maternal and paternal trees as two separate trees in RM. The 10 or so people that are common between the two trees would need to be maintained as being the same manually. In other words, any changes you make to any of those 10 or so people will have to be made twice, one in each RM tree. Then each of these two RM trees would be published separately to two different new trees on Ancestry after each work session in RM.

ThruLines is generated from the Ancestry tree where your DNA is attached. You can only attach your DNA to one tree at a time and it takes 24 to 48 hours to regenerate ThruLines if you are switching the link between a paternal only tree and a maternal only tree.

Thanks for the reply - I’ll be patient!

Thanks for the reply!

" because at the end of each work period you create a new Ancestry tree from RM". Synchronizing my RM tree with my A tree using “Publish” doesn’t appear to create a new A tree (hideous if it did!) All it seems to do is update my existing A tree (which is what I desire).

My original request/comment still stands - Have the ability to “link” (or pair) a RM tree with an A tree and be able to change between pairs.

My maternal/paternal separation seems a logical way to keep trees from being overpopulated.

Cheers, MontanaDoug

Patience worked! ThruLines has now changed to my Maternal line - Merci!