RM 9 with Built In RM 8 Features on Mac OS Ventura

Well today I purchased the RM 9 upgrade. US$20 almost double that in AUS$. If you are considering purchasing the upgrade think carefully. It comes with the built in RM8 features of Access Violation errors on my Mac and the usual 15 seconds for the application to open before you can open a database. That was a silly move on my part!

John, thanks for the heads up. I was considering buying RM9 for my Mac (also running Ventura) and will now wait a bit so the RM team can work the kinks out on the MacOS version.

Remember that the RM folks stated that RM9 was not a maintenance release. All the maintenance that is in the initial RM9 was also in the last RM8 (8.5…0.0).

RM8 is toast and will get no updates. It was a beta version we paid to test and debug. RM9 released with the remaining RM8 bugs but a complete set of videos AND the missing print manual. Hopefully a big cash inflow will help Bruce survive and finish the product.

I am running Ventura and have no access violations with 8. For me, that issue stopped several maintenance releases ago. And I had no issues with the upgrade to 9.

Waiting will miss the current short discount window. Also after a year of RM8 beta plenty of missing features and bugs remain and any fixing effort will be on RM9 the real version with videos and a print manual in the can.