RM 9 media files not downloading from Ancestry

I’m a new user to RM, started with RM8 and had trouble downloading media from Ancestry at that time. First only about 80 items would download, then I got lucky and the entire 883 items downloaded. Now I’m in RM9 and wanting to start an entirely new file with a download from Ancestry, and I only get 42 “media items” and 52 “media links.” I’ve tried 3 times. I’m so discouraged, as I hoped RM would be user friendly. My ultimate goal is to combine my Dad’s TMG data into RM with data downloaded from Ancestry, basically doing one person at a time to double-check and edit both sources. I could download each media item manually from Ancestry, but I’d like to avoid that if possible. Also, the feature should just work! What am I doing wrong?!

Does the download says it completes or stalls. If it completes then we are getting everything Ancestry is sending us.

Since the download worked in RM8, just open that in RM9 and have everything there.

It doesn’t show a message. It just completes. It appears to be downloading only text files (articles and notes) rather than images). I don’t understand how the interface works, but there are certainly many more files in Ancestry than are showing in the new file.

That’s what I’ve ended up doing as a workaround, but it would be nice if it worked in RM9 in case I want to do another download later.