RM 10 Set Relationship fails

After re-running Set Relationships on the drag’n’dropped database with RM 10.0.1, the spouse of my uncle is now labelled “aunt” rather than blank. That person was blank on opening with the updated version so it would seem that there must have been a change in PersonTable.Relate1 or Relate2 or Flags to have effected that. Stupidly, I did not make a backup before running Set Relationships to compare completely but I can report that they are now respectively 1, 2, 0. Previously, they were 0, 0, and, probably, 0.

My KinshipList.sql previously reported her correctly as ‘spouse of uncle’ and now as ‘aunt’ as it was designed to match the terminology in RM7 as it was in 2016. I don’t think I like the ‘correction’ and would prefer ‘spouse of…’. The Relate1 and Relate2 fields should be used strictly for blood relatives and, optionally, for adoptive, foster, or other lineage links. Spouses of these can readily be identified without lineage distances from a common ancestor, which is what these two columns represent and by simple addition gives the consanguinity distance.

On further examination, this ‘correction’ has revealed that the RM10 Set Relationships procedure has rendered my script to be erroneous. Previous to RM10, it provided a more comprehensive Kinship report than RM by including ‘spouse of’ relative designations which they did not beyond the immediate blood relatives. Now it thinks all these 'spouse of’s are blood relatives and reports them as ‘cousins’ et al. Methinks the RM design is wrong…

After upgrading to, my same script has gone from reporting 57 people missing a “Spouse of” label to reporting 2 people missing a "Spouse of " label.I will have to do further analysis so see what is going on.