Review of Color-Coding Feature

This is just an observation, from my perspective. Your mileage may vary.
I have never used color-coding before a couple of weeks ago. However, I have become a really great fan of this feature (although it has caused some mild consternation on my part :grinning: ) through no fault of RootsMagic.
My paternal grandmother, mon petite mémère Canadienne-Française was born in Vermont, but she was a first-generation native-born American citizen (on her maternal line) and a second and third generation native-born American citizen (on her paternal line). Alas, I was too young when she lived with us to record all she must have remembered, and too distant when she passed. Still, I have had this itch to fill in the blanks on her ancestry.
Within the last year, I located several outstanding French-Canadian resources which have been wonderful as I dig deep.
I found there is a society of those who are ancestors of the young women who came over on their own, looking to marry and have a better life, and the young women who were recruited by the king’s court to be officially sponsored in the new world. At the same time as these women came over, there was a unit of French soldiers who established a specific regiment in Quebec, and 300 years later, there is a society of descendants of those women who were sponsored by the king and who married soldiers from the Quebec regiment.
Digging into all the names and relationships in my database, I found one of those marriages. Now I just have to “prove” my kinship. Starting back with my ancestral couple, I color-coded them and turned RM lose on the project. Wow!! it was exciting to be able to simply follow the bread crumbs (or color coding) to get back to me.
It seems one of my European ancestors married into the Onondaga tribe then, I chased down my First-Nation ancestry. I color-coded that relationship and again followed the crumbs. And again, WOW!!
Next, there is a group that had chased down their ancestry in Quebec, almost their equivalent of The Pilgrims in the US. I find, that I also share their heritage. So, I marked that original family with color-coding just to see what came up. OH MY!! :dizzy_face: There is a line in “Gone With The Wind” that says “The Wilkes always marry their cousins.” Well, I’m not a Wilkes, but my paternal grandmother’s parents are related, and her paternal grandparents are also related.
That color-coding feature sure has been fun to play with as I get into the small enclaves and find out that brothers married sisters, and cousins then married cousins. It is more than a little convoluted, but color-coding seems to be helping me straighten it all out.
My oh my - what would mémère have said if she knew all the things I’m finding. :sweat_smile:
As I said, your mileage may vary, I I’m one very happy camper


Look at Groups in case you haven’t. I use them alot.

One thing I don’t understand about RM is why there are separate feature- color coding and groups.
Why can’t a group be assigned a color and leave it at that?
(That’s how TMG works, and it seems perfectly adequate to me.)

A person can have only one color, the last one applied, but can be a member of multiple groups. I use very little color coding, except for DNA tracing, but use groups to identify people for needed projects. Once I complete research on an individual for a specific project, I remove him/her from the group and go to the next person in the group. When researching for information on a person in a group I restrict myself to the specific item needed and not to follow any bright shiny object found about the person. Keeps me focused on the task at hand. I have some people that belong to as many as 10 different groups but only one color code.

Yes, good points.
A group would only be color coded if the user specified that it should be color coded.
And if a person belongs to more than one color coded group, a conflict color, specified by the user, would be displayed for those persons.

RM has never had a conflict color capability, only a single color. Since we are still waiting for functionality that was dropped when RM4 was released and said to be added later, I doubt it ever will exist.