Reset One Person in the FamilySearch List of Changed People

On the FamilySearch list of people with changes, is it possible just to remove one person from the list? The only thing I see is to reset the changed count back to zero which empties the entire list. I have looked at both RM7 and RM8, and the functionality appears to be the same on both versions of RM.

Jerry, you simply click on a person in the list and wait for the display (which may take a while). Then go on to another person. Whether you made any changes or not, the next time you close and reopen the list, every name you “visited” will be gone.


That does work. But it seems like I should take a more affirmative action to remove them from the list - like what if I want to just look and still leave them in the list? But obviously I’ll go with the way it works.

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