Reset a Color Set to Factory Defaults

In the short time I have been using RM10, I have discovered that it would be really useful if there were a one-click way (with a confirmation pop-up) to reset a color set to factory defaults. The reset wouldn’t change any individuals who were color coded using the color set. Rather, the reset would clear the color set name and all the individual color labels.

This need has arisen because with RM10 I am now often able to use the new Rules Groups feature to define groups without needing to using color coding as a part of the group definition. With the old Criteria Groups feature, it often was necessary to use a color coding set to define a list of people and then to use that color coding set as a part of criteria. But with the new Rules Group feature, I can nearly always just make what used to be a color coding criteria into one of several rules defining the Rules Group.

Therefore, I would like to clean up some color code sets that have now become unused by resetting them to factory default. I will probably still use the same color code sets over again, but it would be nice not to have to start out with all the old labels.

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I’m probably missing something simple but I’m struggling to get my head around the request. A reset of a color code set back to default - clearing labels and people assigned to colors - makes sense to me. We can already do that with the “Clear Colors for Everyone” button.

However, it seems confusing to me if the reset keeps the individuals assigned to colors but clears all the color and color set labels. How would we know if the color set was in use or unassigned? And if we see a person with a color and the color set label has been cleared, how would we know what that color represents?

[edit] btw, I agree with the sentiment that the New Rules Group feature (and RM Explorer enhancements) are pretty cool and powerful.

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I’m probably not explaining it very well. “Clear Colors for Everyone” does clear colors for everyone and it does not clear the labels. I’m looking for a clear labels feature. For example, you might repurpose a color set and the labels for the previous purpose likely are not a good fit for the new purpose. If the clear labels feature exists, I haven’t managed to find it.

I suspect that if you are clearing the labels that you will probably be clearing the colors as well. But it still seems to me that clearing the colors and clearing the labels should be separate functions. I can think of situations where you would want to clear the one without clearing the other.

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Ah. You’re grand. My mistake… “Clear Colors for Everyone” does not clear the labels. I thought that it did.

Since the existing “Clear Colors" functionality enables a partial clear, adding the capability to clear labels would be helpful, especially since the list of colors is so long that one needs to scroll to see them all.

Makes sense now. Thanks for patiently stepping me thru it.

Confirming request has been reported to development.