Re-linking to your Ancestry tree after a disconnect

Your notes tell us that you can’t reconnect and sync an Ancestry tree if you disconnect from Ancestry.
After experimenting with a small tree I see that if you restore from a backup then the tree sync is re-established. Maybe this should be put into the notes because a new download of a very large tree can be quite a bother.
A reinstall from a backup is fairly quick and it just needs the TreeShare sync to balance the databases again.
This just might help someone who has tried the disconnect and then can’t re-sync.
As a matter of interest, why can’t the database sort out a re-connect with the Ancestry database? The backup has obviously stored whatever link is needed.

I’m just an RM user, not an RM developer. But I’m retired after a 50 year career in IT which included a lot of software development. It seems to me that the problem with a re-connect would be that RM would have to determine for everyone in the RM database and everyone in the Ancestry tree, which individuals if any from the two systems need to be matched with each other. It’s an extremely non-trivial and error prone problem.

With RM’s TreeShare design, an initial upload from RM to Ancestry or an initial download from Ancestry to RM automatically establishes the required matches. Thereafter, the TreeShare user’s ongoing and manual sync operations continues to maintain the required matches between RM and Ancestry, even as individuals are added or deleted from either the RM side or the Ancestry side. (I wish there were a better description than “manual sync” because it’s not a true automatic sync. But “manual sync” is the best description I have been able to come up with.)

Nothing in the TreeShare screens or the TreeShare documentation mentions the concept of matching. But that is precisely what is going on behind the scenes. And just to repeat myself a little bit, establishing a matching relationship between an RM database and an Ancestry tree starting from scratch would be an extremely non-trivial and error prone problem.

Okay. Thanks for the reply.