Questions about Merging Places

Am attempting to clean up my Places list after years of not being as diligent as I should and just learned of the Merge function. Two questions though. Am I safe to delete or merge Places that have no Event and no Details? Can I Merge places that have the same Place name but have different Details or Event without messing things up? Believe the answer is yes to both but would like confirmation before I go making change.

The answer is yes to both questions.

On the first question, if the Place is truly not used it shouldn’t matter whether you Merge or Delete, but I still prefer to do a Merge.

On the second question, after merging Place Names with different Details, it’s worth taking a look at the Details list to see if any of them that also needs to be merged.

Is there an option for merging details?

Yes, on P;aces screen click on > in Details when greater than 1. This opens the Place Details and then click on the 3 dot menu to get to the merge details.

Thanks for the info. Appreciate the help.