Publish-Reports-Save Files-PDF question

The PDF file created via Publish Save File (Disc icon); when opened with Acrobat issues a PDF/A compliance message(read only), Enable Editing; total page count is correct, but all page content is missing. Using the PRINT option; using MicroSoft Print to PDF, the file is correct.
Is this a known issue? or am I missing something here?
Adobe Acrobat Reader Ver. 23.001.20093.0
Win 10 Pro 64bit Ver 22H2 OS 9045.2788 UTF8

Rootsmagic Windows 11 - Adobe Acrobat Pro (64 bit) - latest version. Issues PDF/A message as you describe. Loads correctly and all page content is fine. Maybe an issue with version of Acrobat you are using?

Note: this is Win10 utf8 using Adobe Acrobat Reader Ver. 23.001.20093.0 latest update

It’s best to open a support ticket with the PDF included so we can take a look.

Follow up for subsequent viewers of same issue:

uninstalled Adobe Acrobat Reader and changed default app for file type PDF to Chrome; content was displayed correctly.

Adobe Acrobat Reader or some Win10 configuration(not determined)

-P.S. Note: file size of RM9 produced file was 200+KB; where as ‘MicroSoft Print to PDF’ produced a file over 5+MB.