Private contact info printing in footnotes and endnotes

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed an issue concerning the printing of addresses for living people in the footnotes / endnotes of the Family Group Sheet and Individual Summary reports in RM8.

I have many citations that use the “Interview – privately held” template. In most cases the people interviewed are still alive.

In RM7 the address for those being interviewed would simply print as suburb, State, Country (I’m in Australia). In RM7 the address for the interviewer (me) would print as [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE].

However, in RM8 the full address for both the interviewer and interviewee are being printed in the reports.

It also appears that the template “E-mail, personal, privately held by writer” is also printing confidential email and address details in RM8 when it redacted these in RM7.

Has anyone else noticed this?

As a workaround we have the ability to customise the footnotes, short footnotes and bibliography, removing this information. But given the issue relates to privacy, it’s probably an issue to be reviewed by RM so a permanent solution can be found.

I’ve flagged this issue as a feature request so the developers can review and correct.


I suspect that you did not tick the ‘Hide private data’ box. In the Report Settings area, under References, click Sources. At the bottom under options is the above mentioned tick box.

The annoying bit for me is that it surrounds the ‘address for private use’ text with tags.

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Yes you’re right @kfunk - thanks for pointing out the option to privatise. :slightly_smiling_face:

Gosh, the option is in an obscure spot (well I think so anyway), but I’ve just checked and it was in the same spot in RM7. Guess that at some point I’ve ticked that and then forgotten all about it!

And yes I can see what you mean about the annoying bracket tags!!

And I should add that I guess RM gets a laugh out of all these “feature requests” when the features are right there in front of us (or perhaps partly hidden from us) !! :rofl: :rofl:

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