Printing Reports 2-Sided

Am I missing something? I ran a report (Relationship Chart), and when I printed, I could not find a way to make it print double-sided, to save paper. RM7 simply allowed the printer to control that feature, but I cannot find such a function in RM8.

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There may or may not be a way to print double-side from RM. I don’t know for ure. Perhaps another user or the RM staff can help with that. But I find it much easier to print RM’s reports from Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word has many more printing options than RM. For example, it supports double-sided printing and it supports setting the gutter margins properly for double sided printing in addition to the option to have the printer print double-sided.

Many users use free alternatives to Microsoft Word. I assume the alternatives also have robust printing options, but I don’t use them so I can’t speak to exactly how well they support double sided printing.

When printing directly from RM8, it seems there is no option to choose double or single sided printing. In that case it should use your default settings. Ensure the setting on your printer preferences is for double sided printing and it works like a charm.

Optionally, if you generate the report and save it as a PDF or a docx file, then you can use Word or your PDF viewing software to control the printing options.


My printer has a double sided option

But not an option via RM8. It should be added.

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My printer also has a double-sided option, but RM7 reports are able to use that option (directly via RM7), while RM8 is lacking that ability.

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There is a solution outside of RM. If your printer has a double sided option then you will be able to set that as the preferred printing option in the printer preferences outside of Roots Magic.

I would rather the developers spend their time working on issues for which there is no solution outside of RM.

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I am fully aware of work-arounds. I pointed this out because it is a simple function that was lost between RM7 and RM8, and I originally asked whether I was missing something.

The fact is, the only way I can print a RM8 report double-sided is to save it to another format (RTF or PDF), and then open them to print.

I understand the enormity of RMG’s upgrade from 7 to 8, and I respect it. I mentioned this in case I was simply missing something; also, to make sure it was placed on the list of issues to fix. I will let Bruce and Michael decide upon the priority of what gets fixed or added in what order.