Printing Family Group Sheets

Is there a way to change the default font for printing? I changed it to print one Family Group Sheet but when I went in to print another one, it changed itself back. I don’t like the default font and want to change it up.

I thought they had fixed that so it would keep your last setting. I guess it’s broken again or maybe some reports keep it and others don’t. I gave up on reports a long time ago and am waiting for them to fix a lot of things in reports. I know they are working hard on it.

Thank you for the info. Guess I’ll have to be patient.

I had the same issue. In addition, it (the program) decided to move the date from right aligned to left aligned behind the report title making it look rather messy. Similarly when I changed the footer font, the page number moved from the centre to the left. When I printed it out, instead of filling the page as per the preview, it squashed it all into about a quarter of the (A4) page. Rather frustrating.
For comparison, I ran the same in RM7 with no problems whatsoever. So far the general interface looks fine and workable.