RM9 Family Group Sheets not working as expected (not intuitive)

Question/issue (and maybe feature-request) concerning Family Group Sheets.

I went to the Family Group Sheets tab under the Publish menu. Selected several families in the order I wanted them printed. The sheets printed fine, except they were not in the order they were choosen; they came out in the alphabetical order (by first name, surname was the same). I chose them in order of generations. First question - is there a way to get them printed in a specific order? If not could this be added as a feature-request?

Second issue/question, I went to my test book and tried adding family group sheets. It appears the menu for the family group sheet will only allow you to print one group sheet. There are no check boxes to the left of the father’s name so the user can select more than one family. Am I doing something wrong, am I expecting too much. Again - if this isn’t in the present version, perhaps this could be consided a feature-request.

In Publisher add individual Family Group Sheets for each family. It will then print in that specific order.

Thank you. Yeah - i had thought about that, and I guess I’ll have to do it that way. But I was hoping there was a simpler way. That way is a lot of time amd effort on the end user’s part. Seems like there should be a way to enter the Starting person (or use the color code) and the software would then generate the sheets in a decendant pattern. And, maybe a switch could be added so it would generate them in a ancestral pattern.