Family Group Sheet printing

Anyone know why marriage and Census (Fam) don’t print in date order on the Family Group Sheet? I have a Father’s record who has four census records and two marriage records. The FGS is printed in this order: Birth 1825, Census 1860, Census 1900, Death 1902, Marriage 1850, Census(Fam) 1870, Census(Fam) 1880. Also the Mother’s record doesn’t include the Census(Fam) at all - which I guess I can understand that one. As to the second spouse - her name is listed but not the marriage date.


It seems that Certain Family Facts are sorted separately.


The order is different than the Edit Person Screen


Alphabetical vs EventID (or FactTypeID) order? – does it change after it had refreshed? I have see it change when you go back out and back into a person?