Printing Family Group Sheets with sources

I’m not very experienced with RM so I’m hoping somebody can help me. When I try publishing a Family Group Sheet with sources the sources and the children both print one on top of the other on the first page. Also, the split from one page to the next may occur right in the middle of a child. I would prefer to have the page break between children. Is there some setting somewhere that I need to tweak to resolve these issues? Thanks.

Use the option to print endnotes rather than footnotes to get around RM’s faulty pagination issue.

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Good to know - I have heard of issues with pagination before. Good Tip.

Thanks for the suggestion. That’s what I have been doing. I was just hoping that there was a way to permanently fix the problem. Also, any ideas on the page break in the middle of an individual’s information?

Try playing with the settings for the report ( and you will have to do this for every report you make)…

This is the before screen shot:
and this is after:

What I did was go to STYLES AND FONTS–click on the arrow then go to DEFAULT and click on that arrow — change PADDING from 0 to 23 ( that is where you are going to have to try different pts to get it right)-- and hit generate report-- if okay then see how it will print or save…