Family Sources & Family Notes in Family Group Sheet Report - RMp

Coming from RM7 (skipped 8), I found the Family Sources and Family Notes in RM9. Problem is the Family Sources don’t show up anywhere in a Family Group Sheet report, Family Notes do, but not the Family Sources

They do, provided you have the References>Sources at the bottom of report Settings set to Endnotes or Footnotes and not “No sources”.

References> Sources are set to Endnotes - no Family Sources show up

What Family Facts are the sources linked to? I just checked my marriage fact and see the sources there.

Sorry, should have been more specific. The ‘Family Source’ is not a source for any specific family fact.
In RM7 there were buttons for ‘Notes’ and ‘Sources’, both had ‘Person’ and ‘Family’ options. In RM9 these ‘Family Notes’ and ‘Family Sources’ ended up on the Edit Person screen, spouse line - note, source, and, with spouse highlighted, on Spouse (right side of Screen) under Spouse Family Items.
In RM7, the Family Group Sheet had a “Family Sources” line between the Spouse entries and the Children entries, and the source itself was in the Endnotes. In RM9 the “Family Sources” doesn’t show up anywhere. Oh - and the 'Family Notes" show up in RM7 notes first, and in RM9 first on the ‘Family Group Notes’ page.
It’s just the “Family Souces” that’s messed up.

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OK, now I see where they are not showing. Confirming its been reported to development.

Thanks. I use those source alot.