Personal and Family Notes

In RM7 we had the facility to enter NOTES to either Personal or Family.
Having downloaded my RM7 tree into RM8, I can only find and see the original PERSONAL Notes, which appear in the facts for the individual, what has happened to those entered under FAMILY, where do I go to find them in RM8?

In the Edit Person window of a child, look in the Parents notes. There is no separate “Family” note button in RM8 as in RM7.


You are wonderful, thank you for the instructions, worked a dream.

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I am trying to add a note to a couple without children. I have found a possible divorce for them but want to add a note to the couple, not each individual. Since it is supposition I don’t want to add a divorce fact until it is confirmed. Do you know if this is possible?

You could add the note to the Marriage fact.

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