Print timeline in publisher

How do I print a time line chart in publisher

The Timeline Chart is not currently available in RM8. Only the Time List, with the option of Individual or Group timelines is there.

Hello Renee, thanks for reply. I should have said I am using Roots magic 7.

I can produce the timeline chart (A4 size but how can I

print it in the publisher…

Many thanks


When I add a chapter to a Publisher book in RM7, one of the options is All Reports. But the list of All Reports I get at this point is not the same list of All Reports I get from Reports => Print a Report => All Reports. Apparently, there are RM reports that are not supported as Publisher chapters, and the Timeline Chart appears to be one of those reports that is not supported in Publisher.

In the Publisher add a blank page(s) then insert the timeline chart after saving the book.

Sorry to be pedantic but how do in insert the timeline chart. My computer skills are limited. Again many thanks


I certainly could be wrong, but I don’t think you can add the timeline chart. I added blank pages as suggested, but the timeline chart is still not listed as an item that can be added.

You save the book with the blank page to DOCX, open in Word, insert the Timeline or any other doc or image, refresh indexes and Table of Contents, …

Yes, that would work. I was being very literal about doing it in Publisher itself.

In RM7, you would have to save as RTF. When Publisher is released in RM8 you will be able to save as DOCX.