Places-will not accept Perry County, Indiana

I have been using RM since ver.7 or earlier. I like the place check, but it does not accept Perry County, Indiana, United States. It wants to change it to Indian Territory. I have lived in Perry County, IN for 69 years. It is very rural. I am unable to enter a place of birth, place of death, marriage, etc. without receiving notice that I probably mean Indian Territory. Perry County, Indiana was formed in 1814. I know that I can shut off the places check, but with my fat fingers, I need it!

you can also add places and GPS if you want.
RM does not like “County” in county names – so that is a personal choice.


The Perry County Museum provides a blurb that ends with:

It wasn’t until March 1818 that we finally have what we know as Perry County today.

History – Perry County Museum

The date is debatable, but not germane. I use “county” because sometimes people do not have city, county, state. For instance, there is a Spencer, Indiana, but it is nowhere near Spencer County, IN. Which is which? How do I add a place?

Open PLACES-- left side of screen-- hit the + sign and add Perry County, Indiana-- and it should accept it…

Besides this, my suggestion would be to UNCHECK USE COUNTY CHECK WHEN ENTERING PLACES-- use instead PLACES UNDER DATA CLEAN as it sounds like you are more worried abt mis-spelling a name, punctuation etc RATHER than having the correct name of the place for the time frame-- such as saying a person was born in W VA or OK before they were states-- Data Clean is something you have to do manually BUT you don’t have to accept their changes if you don’t want to…

Actually, County Check definitely uses date(s) as a determination for the timing of existence of Places.