Person Search - Advanced, Saved Searches

I have two feature requests about Saved Searches :
Sometimes it can be quite hard to adequately describe a complex search using its name only, so it would be very useful if one could write an explanatory Note when creating a new Saved Search (and edit it afterwards if necessary). Also, it would help if the name you give to a search were to appear at the top of the screen when you click Do Search (rather than it continuing to just say ‘Person Search - Advanced’).
Thank you.


Confirming the request for the explanatory note field.

Not sure where you’re seeing an issue with the Do Search button, its not anywhere near the Person Search - Advanced header. The highlighted search is what it will search on when you click Do Search.

I think you slightly misunderstand when I referred to ‘Do Search’. All I was saying was that, in my opinion, it would be nice to see the name of your search once it’s been run.

As it is at the moment before you click ‘Do Search’ the screen is headed like this :

and after you’ve run the search it’s still headed the same - ‘Person Search - Advanced’ :

It’s only a little thing I know, perhaps it’s just me !!


The search criteria is in the right panel, under the Saved searches button. I could ask to have it show the name of the saved search along with it. But the top header Person Search - Advanced is the name of the feature and putting the saved searches name there would not be appropriate.

Ok, that would be fine. Thanks.