Edit Person Screen -- Person name change in titl

Last week I had trouble reading the EDIT CITATION page. All the data had disappeared of the top of the page with just a few lines visible. I rectified that by viewing on a 4k monitor, where I could resize the pages and get everything to normal. Problem solved.
However, today I see that title of the EDIT PERSON page that I had open when the above problem arose now has some sort of data tagged to the end of the person’s name:
i.e. the Edit Person page should show [Reginald George “Reg” Hockey-96] but now shows [Reginald George “Reg” Hockey-96 (GD1B-91Q)].

No other Edit Person pages are affected, does anyone have any idea where this extra tag came from… probably some sort of database reference.

GD1B-91Q is the Family Search/Family Tree ID.

Thanks for the explanation Bob. Although I don’t recall using Family Search, and I find it odd that it hasn’t tagged any other person that I’m aware of so far. But if the format matches then I’m happy to accept your answer.
I’m just relieved that I haven’t screwed up the database somehow🙂
Thanks for your advice.

I’m not aware of any mechanism whereby RM would match a person in RM to a person in FamilySearch without your involvement in the process.

I’m trying to remember all the ways that such matches can take place. For example, you can manually match people one at a time, in which case you would have initiated the process and you would have known than it happened. You can also do an automatic match, which usually would be expected to generate a large number of matched people. Does any of this ring a bell?

You’re absolutely right Jerry. I’ve just taken a look and I did indeed have a link set to FamilySearch in Reg HOCKEY’s record. Don’t know how it happened but I must have inadvertently set it somehow.
Thanks for the help, I was concerned that I had a database problem when I first came across it as it appeared at the same time as the EDIT CITATION page went off screen.

In RM7 we had a WebHint option “Match person to FamilySearch when hints found”. If you came from RM7 that may have been turned on.

That might explain it. I started off with RM3 moving from FTM but it’s only a winter pastime for me and it always takes a week or two to get back into the swing of things. Still find it a fascinating hobby after all these years.

When I was trying to remember the various ways that matches could be established between a person in RM and a person at FamilySearch, I was thinking it could be done via WebHints as well as manually for one person at a time as well as automatically for everybody in your RM database. As a part of composing my reply to this thread, I tried unsuccessfully to find a WebHints option in RM9 for establishing matches.

Given your comments about RM7, I gather that the WebHints way of establishing matches has been withdrawn from service in RM8 and RM9? If so, I think it’s probably good thing because I think users should be more intentional about establishing matches between RM and FamilySearch. But if that feature has been withdrawn from service, it should be documented as an RM7 feature that is not included in RM9.

The process that matched automatically to FS was optional in RM7 and I for one miss it very badly in RM9, so I was glad to learn from @rzamor1 that it is on the list for development to add back to RM9. (As I have documented in other posts, automatching my main database takes more than 24 hours to get anywhere and manual matching in RM9 is far, far, far, far too slow a process to be practical - vastly worse than in RM7.) I don’t think it ‘a good thing’ to withdraw options that grown up users can opt into or out of.