Correction on a "fact-label"

OK, this may be trivial, but as an ex-English major, it is driving me nuts. Is there a way to correct the label that appears in an edit person window under the “Fact” column? Someone has misspelled the word “niece” as “neice.” So any one who appears in my database with the word “niece” appears as the incorrect spelling. I think it comes from the internals of the program, not something I mistyped.

For example, I had an ancestor who was the “niece” of person A. On a census, it shows she was living in the household of person A. When I enter that fact in my ancestor’s record from a census record, the fact heading lists as “neice-census” instead of “niece-census.”

I know, a minor problem but as one who has copy editing in their background, it sticks out like a sore thumb to me and if I could fix it, I would.

Thanks for any and all responses.


I was of the understanding that the only relative events that you could see are parents, spouse, children and siblings. This would suggest that the neice/niece issue was due to data entry errors. Can you do a screen shot showing something like you described? It sounds to me more like an issue with roles that were entered for the census.

I will show the screen shot, but after I posted, I finally found where to fix it, which I’ll explain. It was, as you mention, a misspelled “role” as neice and I was able to edit it as “niece.” So the screenshot will show how it looks “after” I corrected it.

If you still want the screenshot, let me know. I am still a newbie regarding RootsMagic having come from “The Master Genealogist” and by looking in more detail at the online wiki, I found the mistake and was able to correct it. It was not a mistake I made, so I have to think it is endemic to the original database which means others may have that same misspelled role.

Let me know if you want to see a screenshot. Thanks for replying so quickly.

No need for the screen shot. The only reason I asked for it was to see where this was happening, and since you figured it out…

The niece or neice role is not a default role in RM. If you didn’t type it into RM yourself, it must have been imported that way from TMG.