Source List used person

When I go to my Source and find the source such as a book. Then I go to Used. Find the person that I want to go to in the list, it would be very helpful if at that point could just double click on the selected person and go to that person’s edit page. Instead of having to go back to the left side, click on people, then search for person’s name, then click on the person you want unless you have several people with same name, very common, and you have to remember which one you are looking for.


Odd. One would think it would be like the Places. You can click on the person’s name and then the pencil icon to take you right to the edit person window. I agree that this pencil / edit person shortcut should be on Sources and Citations.

In the meanwhile, what can help you is to turn on RINs (Settings, gear icon, Number to display: RIN). Then when in sources, the person’s name also has a number listed after it. You can then go to the People section and just search for that number. It’s much shorter to type, thus easier to remember, and there’s never several people with the same number…just one number per person.

Thanks ChadK. That does help thou it does not solve the issue. I put this in the feature request section hoping that Roots Magic reads these and addresses the issue.

That seems to be doubtful, however if you already have typed it up, you might as well email it to just for good measure. It is definitely more likely to be read there.

Thanks, have done as you suggested and emailed it to support.