Navigate from citation list to the person

I can see a list of the citations where a particular source is used. I would hope I could just click on a line item and be taken to that person, but that is not the case. Is there a way to go to that person directly from the citation list? I could get there through the Person list, but that is an extra step.

From what I can see from other posts, the answer seems to be No. That is a shame.


The answer presently seems to be no.

I put in a feature request through Support for this. If you would like this also, I suggest you do the same. The more the development team is aware of the “want” the better.


I think the idea is that you can open the Person view while still having the Source view open. However what would be helpful would be if the Person(s) names listed in the Source/Citation could be copiable to the clipboard for pasting into the Person enquiry, so as to avoid having to type them in.
The same applies where Events are listed in the Places view - why can’t you copy and paste them?

If we can’t automatically go to the person - maybe there is a good technical reason - wouldn’t it be best to automatically copy the person to the clipboard in these cases so that all you have to do is paste the name into the people view.

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