People List View

Love that you can customize the list with various fields. I have a Group that includes Germans with various spellings of the surname Shafer. I would like to sort the People List View by the Given Name, no matter how the surname is spelled. Can you guide me as how to do this?

Give your mouse a double left-click upon any column heading name and it will toggle sorting to ascending. A second double-click sequence will change the sort to descending.

Thank you, but what I am looking for is a field called “Given Name” to sort on. The only name-type field that I see is the “surname, given name”. I don’t see the Given Name as an option for a column.

There is no such option in People List View. Just the combined Last, First etc. that matches searches in the lower left Index pane.

Unfortunately you can’t copy the table and paste into Excel either.

I understand that the Given Name field does not exist in the People List View. I am wondering why not?

Probably being just a non-report type display screen -and- the same reason that date columns aren’t broken down into day, month, year -or- places aren’t broken down into country, state, county, town, ETC.

Custom reports have that granularity.

I doubt there is any good reason why the Given name is unavailable as a column. Maybe the developers estimate the user base to be incapable of managing the view settings if discrete name fields were available along with the combined name.

As a workaround, the only way I can see would to be to create an “Individual List” in reports and choose who you want to include, taking out all information except the name. Save to excel and split names.

As the report puts a comma after the surname, you can choose delimited file (comma) and split the name into two columns which you can then sort on the first name.

Yeah, I wish we could copy the contents of the table directly.