Birthday and Anniversary List

Anyone know how to sort the birthday list (by Person) instead of the default (by Date) ?
If the option is there I haven’t discovered it yet.

Hi @Vibereader - one way that you could do this is to save the report to csv, and then sort in Excel (or like) on the column “Person”.

(I also tried saving this direct to Excel and performing the sort, but the filter function was greyed out and I couldn’t seem to progress - it seems like csv is the best option to use).

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Your help is deeply appreciated and I will try your advice.
It will be easier because I always look for a name first on the list I keep close.
Maybe RM will code this feature.
Thanks Kelly.

Worked great!
I sorted the person column then inserted a blank column after the dates.
Now I will erase the duplicate rows to shorten the list.

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Excellent - I’m glad it worked Kelly!

I’ve just had a thought - my “instructions” might not have been the clearest and I just want to make sure that the sort selection that was completed was expanded to capture both the columns (Date and Person). This will result in the data aligning and maintaining integrity (ie, the birthday will show against the correct person, rather than the date of one person displaying against another). One way to confirm is to just check a few entries against the details that you have in RM.

Sorry I didn’t make that clearer!

I also tried Excel and that worked for me just as well.
Good call, thanks again.

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In Excel, which I favor, the date column sorted with the person column.
I didn’t have to choose both columns to sort.
I checked some known birthday dates on this.

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That’s great Kelly - I usually use Excel too but for some reason couldn’t get it to work and it was only after I’d provided the reply that I remembered that csv wouldn’t automatically grab the both columns as the selection area.

Anyway, really glad that it’s all worked for you! :grinning:

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