Index - sorting by Born or Died

Is there any way we can sort the Index by the birth year and/or death year ?

I am trying to check that I have everyone marked off from the 1939 English and Welsh Register but at the moment have to scroll through my screeds of names

Te Puke
New Zealand

No, but you can accomplish the same thing a different way. Namely, you can make birth date and death date into columns in People View. Then the view can be sorted by either one of those columns.

Can you explain this a bit further please ?

Let’s take this one step at a time. Click the People tab on the left side of the screen. There are five icons in the top middle of the screen. You can click each one in turn, and each one will bring up a different view. Left to right, the icons are Pedigree View, Family View, Descendant View, People List View, and Couple List View. The one I’m talking about is People List View.

So click on People List View, and there will be something that looks like a spreadsheet with one row for each person in your database. There will be one column each for various data elements like name, birth date, death date, etc. Each one of the columns can be sorted by clicking the top of the column. You can also do things like add new columns, remove columns, move columns around, etc. But in the spirit of one step at a time, let’s stop and make sure you can get into People List View and sort the columns that are already there before we start adding and deleting and moving columns.

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OMG - Marvelous - thanks so much
Exactly what I needed
I must have used this in RM7 as I see I have added Burial/Cremation place to match them to Find A Grave
Thanks again

thejerrybryan - A very good explanation, clear and precise.

thejerrybryan: Can the place columns be displayed and sorted in reverse order?



Places can be sorted in reverse order under the Place tab but not under the columns of People List View.

Thanks, as I found out. I just wanted to double-check in case I missed something. Feature request to come…