Option to mark media as 'Private'


Is there any way that the feature to mark some media as private, and therefore not uploaded during treeshare, be added? This is an option in other software and would be great here.

I have some media that has been passed to me, but the original owners did not want it published. I know I can manually skip these when doing a treeshare, but it would be much better if it was automatic if marked as private.


Might want to check out kfunk’s post and do a search for the whole site–as I think it has been discussed


Yes read previously about renaming files etc. But software such as FTM have the option to mark individual media files as private. I feel this addition would be welcomed in RM9

As would things such as keeping private notes private on TreeShare, among many other things.

Upon initial TreeShare from RM to Ancestry, you cannot keep media out of the upload on a case by case basis. It’s all or nothing. Thereafter, you get to decide on a case by case basis.

Suppose you decided not to upload any media files on the initial TreeShare from RM to Ancestry. You subsequently would need to remember not to upload the private media files by accident. You subsequently would need to upload each non-private media files one at a time.


Which is why I think the ability to mark an item as private would remove the extra work of filtering what is uploaded, and remembering what was meant to be private.


I suspect that everyone agrees with the request. It’s been made before and RM Development is aware of the issue. The RM product has several legacy features that support some specific use cases around privacy in reports and exports but I would argue that it doesn’t yet have a model to address current Personal Information (PI) and copyright licensing requirements. The ability to mark something private should start at the level of a Person and extend to facts, sources, citations, and media (perhaps even further to things like addresses). It needs to enable the RM users to determine what data is PI that should be restricted from external sources as well as restricting the transfer of things like images that have a copyright for individual use.

There is an expression that “legacy is the shackle of winners” and, to me, that fits this situation and several of the enhancements that RM users want. The product has added a lot of features over the years which raises the complexity of change.