Can you make certain files, people and notes private in RM?

I purchase RM several years ago but really didn’t use it that much and was using Family Tree Maker more often, however I find that lately I like the RM setup better in some ways. Is there a way to privatize people and notes as there is in FTM and Ancestry.

If the person is marked Living then Ancestry will keep them private. With Notes only the initial upload has the option to not include them.

What about the {privacy} braces in Notes? Are they uploaded? If not, does Compare ignore them and what’s in-between?

Ancestry API doesn’t recognize them so they are not kept private.

It is the RM software’s responsibility to restrict transmission or export of content that the user has set as private through the software’s user interface.

For Compare, it is the program’s responsibilty to remove the content marked private from the comparison function.


Hi everyone - I had a similar question - I’m new to RootsMajic (converting from Family Historian7). I like the linking feature to Ancestry (truthfully, it’s the biggest reason I switched).

Is there an automated way to manage the media files being uploaded to Ancestry. I see the private button on the Events, but I don’t see one for Media.

For example, I have my birth certificate saved on my software and do not want it uploaded to an online database for obvious reasons. Is there a way not to have that specific media uploaded. Basically, is there an option to not upload media to Ancestry other than through the matching process.


On first TreeShare to Ancestry, you can tick the little box to not upload media. I am not certain if that media will then upload later or not. It has been suggested that you alter the folder name which will cause links to break and not upload. For example, I keep all of my media in subfolders of a Folder named Media. So I have sub folders named things like Census, VitalRecords etc. If I don’t want any media to upload, I would rename my Media folder to something like ‘Media1’. When I was done TreeSharing, I would name it back to Media. Or if there are specific subfolders that I don’t want to upload, then I would name only those folders a little differently, then change them back after TreeShare.

As you appear to be living and I assume marked as such in RM then would you be on the Ancestry tree at all? If you are not there then would the connected birth certificate upload?

Terry - Not sure I understand your comment. Yes, I understand if I’m marked living in Ancestry it’s private on that site. RM will still upload the media to Ancestry relating to me. I like using a software program for genealogy so I can keep certain information private and not have it stored on an online site. Otherwise, you would just use the online sites and not need the software. I just switch to RM from FamilyHistorian7, and I’m surprised there is not option to keep media private, similar to the private checkbox for events.

Thanks for your comment. If you find a better way, please post!

Thanks Again