Question on how to get media on Ancestry to RM8

I do not really want to put my data on Ancestry. I want to just connect the information from Ancestry that I can’t get anywhere else like Druin records, research other have done that pertain to my ancestors, etc. So I imported my Ancestery file with 8 people to RM8. The media is connected to the new Ancestery/RM8 file. How do I get the new info to my actual RM8 file?

Thanks, Shirley

I read your post as you have created a new RM file and treeshared your 8 people down to your computer from Ancestry. If so, then that media can be found in the folder where you created the database at. There will be a folder with the name of your database and it will have a ‘_media’ appended to it. The media files themselves will have funny looking names consisting of numbers and letters. You can copy and rename them at will and attach them to your working database where ever they need to go.

You can also download images from Ancestry without creating a tree at Ancestry at all. You do a Save to your Computer rather than Save to your Shoebox and rather than creating an Ancestry tree. The downloaded files will still have meaningless file names that you might wish to rename.

Whether doing it this way or doing it by making an Ancestry tree which you download to RM is better for you is really up to you.

Thank you!! Help much appreciated.


FYI, FamilySearch has the Drouin records, and it is free.

Thank you, I’m learning all kinds of things.


You can make your Ancestry private so no one else sees it. That way you will still benefit from hinting generated on the tree.