Private Media Files

Hi all,

I switched from another program to RM some time ago, and it is the best decision.

However, I miss an ability to mark media files as private, so they do not upload to Ancestry during a TreeSync. I want to upload most of my media, but there is some I dont.

Is there a way to mark some files so they do not upload, or is it all or nothing? I will never be able to remember each file I dont want to upload during each tree sync to skip them uploading.

Hope that make sense



No, there isn’t a way to mark media as private.

If you incorporate such a status in your media “naming”, then whenever you’re about to use upload or synching features… first, use the Media screen’s [Search and Replace] function from [⋮] menu to choose [Field to search->Multimedia file names] and [Search for->_private] and [Replace with->_hidden] or whatever nomenclature you choose. This DOES NOT rename those files it merely fools RM8 into looking for different names. Once your uploads/synchs are accomplished… use same procedure to tell RM8 to change back to looking for those _private instead of _hidden (or whatever). Obviously, the work of going back to rename retroactively “already-named” files and remembering to use that pattern going forward are a bit kludgy.

If you want a kludge, why go through all that work. Have two media folder, for example, Media and Media - Private. Add your media to which ever folder it needs to be in. Then all one has to do before uploading is to change Media - Private to something like Media - Private1. Presto, broken links and the media can’t upload. When the upload is done, change the name back.